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Artists Helping Artists

Violin & piano

“Musicians don’t retire; they stop when there’s no more music in them” . . . Louis Armstrong

It’s all about the music, where would we be without it? The dancers would still dance, would the singers still sing? Music is the culmination and the essential component that conveys the natural rhythm of the soul. It’s the emotional wave generated from deep within that life rides on. Music can be enjoyed anywhere any time, on the job site my cousin loves to listen to his music while operating his Toledo towing company. At work my aunt listens to her music while she’s cooking. There is no end to the possibilities when it comes to music.

Think about the music in your head that drives the urge to vocalize or make a little harmony. Where does that come from, and where would we be without it? Unimaginable, completely unimaginable – the world without music. A stretch of the mind beyond the comprehension of any human being.

Even in a remote jungle of the Amazon, the birds’ song is celebrated and translated into ceremony and ritual. In Africa, the cradle of civilization, in remote villages where they don’t even have the basics of clean drinking water, they make music. Just as water filtration is important for a healthy life, music is important for a healthy spirit.

Giving Back Through The Arts

Puzzle Pieces

The American Guild of Musical Artists has the good fortune to share the same acronym, AGMA with the America Gives More Act. We have always been a philanthropic organization and anytime we are associated with other movements or organizations that promote giving, we are proud of the connection. The America Gives More Act boost the cause of philanthropic giving into a new light.

The America Gives More Act gives tax breaks to large donors. This is a simplistic explanation of a more complex structure, but that is a bottom line. From the mere standpoint of good business logic, it protects a company from paying higher taxes while it supports charitable giving. It’s an all around win/win situation. Corporations that need to please shareholders, can offer a vast catering menu of profits, that will satisfy everyone’s appetite in the deal.