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Summer Concerts In The City


Summertime means a lot of different things for people. Here, in the City, it means more outdoor concerts in Central Park. People from several different neighborhoods and boroughs are drawn out for the evening and it feels very community. Then, of course, with over 500 thousand visitors a day to New York, the concerts get their piece of the world community as well.

New York City offers something for everyone and the concerts in the park fill the bill to a tee. Named artists from all over the world covet the opportunity to play in the Park. The atmosphere is fun, free and encapsulates the very Nature of New York. Every genre of music is represented. Dance, song and sounds, riffs, pops from folk to rap, to rock to classical this is where the Music industry feels at home.

The canopy is the soft surrounding glow of the New York City lights. The open roofing makes for magical evenings. The City’s energy is all over the place, but cushioned in music and the natural green, stress-free setting.