full stage production

This site is dedicated to The American Guild of Musical Artists. We are about honoring the assembly of devoted artists in the fields of opera, opera production, singers, ballet, and other dancers, producers and backstage assistants who have, and continue to make up the performing arts as we know it.

While the AGMA is a formal Union designed to protect the well-being of active and retired performers, our site is more about the lives of respective artists, their talents and contributions. We go outside the business of fine art production and into the humanity of the individuals who make up the world of stage productions. We delve into the scenes backstage, as well as those that occupy center stage, and write about the mechanics that bring a plethora of talent to appreciative audiences.

From the star of the show to the gaff, every person who shares in the activity of the overall design and production is highlighted for the part they play. Credit is bestowed on the errand runner to the production manager, to the writers, directors, and stars. We like to learn and report on all the parts that contribute to a final piece. Every show that is performed takes dozens, if not hundreds, of participants, all of whom play significant roles and should not go unnoticed.

With nearly 8,000 members in the Guild there is always a story to tell. The hard work, care and commitment that cannot be denied the people of the arts is acknowledged in our articles. We are proud to bring our readers the insights that make up the necessary components to any artistic production. We are about sharing with you, the readers, the small bits that sometimes are publicly overlooked. We are pleased to also bring to you stories of the greats. The names that have graced the theaters that have become icons in the industry have some very interesting tales to tell.

We hope you enjoy our articles. We love to hear from our readers so please feel free to leave a comment below any of the post to share your insights or experiences. In the name of the arts, we thank you.